Last Update – 09/04/2021 01:00 PM

1 – Basics

1.1 – EZ Dinum is an e-commerce website which you can purchase tickets.

1.2 – EZ Dinum purchases only limited to members. Only members can participate in raffles. (More info in section 2)

1.3 EZ Dinum is a non-registered brand name by SL Geek Store (Registered).

1.4 Please note that these raffles are member only. Tickets raffles everything is for members only. Non-members can’t participate, involve with any of the activities in EZ Dinum.

1.5 All the logos, graphics, texts are owned by EZ Dinum (SL Geek Store)

2 – Members

2.1 All the registered users are considered as members in EZ Dinum community.

2.2 Only members will entitle to purchase tickets, participate in raffle and win prizes.

2.3 We are not responsible for all non-member activities and as our rules our admins can ban or remove those tickets.

2.4 All the members are agreed with the terms which mentioned in this page when they sign up.

2.5 Members should accept win or loose of the raffles. No refunds possible

3 – Payments & Refunds

3.1 EZ Dinum will only accept the payments which made through acceptable payment methods which mentioned in the website. https://ezdinum.com/payment/

3.2 If anyone paid with another payment method which is not mentioned in the website, we are not responsible with it.

3.3 All the tickets will be activated after investigating the status of the payment. If the payment is failed or incorrect, we won’t accept it.

3.4 Refunds are possible only if the contest is cancelled by EZ Dinum. In case, refunds will issued through wallet or cash (decided by EZ Dinum team).

4 – Wallet

4.1 3 sector terms are valid for wallet as well.

4.2 its not possible to change wallet credits to cash.

4.3 Wallet credits are non refundable

5 – Winner

5.1 Winner selection is done by server based programme

5.2 If EZ Dinum decided to have a random mega raffle, it would be conducted using some random picking tools

5.3 We guarantee that its a transparent process and EZ Dinum decision is the final decision .

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